Ahoy Tropical Diaspora people every where. We’re still here yes, diaspora we are. So are you, we hope.

After our winter pause the Tropical Diaspora Party is proud to announce the come back to the “all night long groove tropical party”. We begin the season this year with a great after party to the street parade Karneval der Kulturen 2018.

This night is more then only a after party, two record labels will be in the house with their records releases on vinyl for sale special prices.

We are waiting for everybody that have enough energy and illuminated vibes to dance with the best Afro Latin Diaspora music live on the stage along La Mula Santa and Musicalle, both local bands with a long history of concerts in the Tropical Diaspora.

The after show party with the best selection on vintage and new vinyl you ever listen to, with the Tropical Diaspora Records Dj collective Djs Garrincha & Dr.Sócrates.

At last but not least! Dj Don Rispetto complementing the diaspora night with musical diversity from tropical bass to reggae.

Furthermore, you will come together with the artists from the street parade groups that will be there with us and enjoy the party in one of the best venues in Berlin – Kreuzberg, the MAZE an amazing basement in the original taste of the Berliner 90ties.

★Short Line-UP

★ WHAT: live & Strictly Vinyl Tropical Party with tow floors
★ WHEN: 22:00 OPEN DOORS 23:00 LIVE and Open End.
★ WHERE: MAZE @ Mehringdamm 61
★ LIVE Bands: La Mula Santa & Musicalle
★ Strictly Vinyl: Djs Garrincha & Dr.Sócrates
★ Second Floor: Dj Don Rispetto

★ PRICE: Box Office: € 10,-

Online / Original Flyer / Dress-code Jungle: € 8,-Buy your Ticket here!

★Full Line-UP


♫ La Mula Santa
♫ Musicalle

Strictly Vinyl Floor

♫ Djs Garrincha & Dr.Sócrates (Brazil / Galicia)

Second Floor

♫ Dj Don Rispetto (Italy)


@ MAZE – Mehringdamm 61
★ 22:00 hs OPEN DOORS
★ 23:00 hs Bands Live
★ After Show Party OPEN END


★ Online / Original Flyer / Dress-code Jungle: 8,- €
★ Box Office: 10,- €

★Live on The Stage

LA MULA SANTA ★ cumbia salsa chicha pachanga and latin rhythms★

The Chilean band La Mula Santa mix cumbia, rock, and different Latin-American rhythms in a spicy trunk. The Band lead Mauro Valenzuela, born in Chile and based in Berlin since many years meet the other musicians in a Chilean Bar in a colorful mixture of nationalities i.e. Chile, Armenia, Germany, Malta, Australia, Peru, Mexico. The Bar in F´hain district in Berlin called “El Caiman” was the place where they meed each other and since many years they are together doing concerts in Germany and Europe. Freedom in all aspects and for sure in the music is the registered character of La Mula Santa the sound and the rhythm and the incredible power to the stage, let no man without dancing. If you like passionate and Latin American music, you will love La Mula Santa.

From Tierra del Fuego at the extreme southern of South America until the United States, from the Andes to the Atlantic coast, the Colombian Cumbia is popular, while in Europe it is still an amazingly well kept secret. Located on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, this music has been not only in Latin America but also international success. The Band identity comes not only from the infectious beat of the Cumbia, but also of different Latin-American rhythms like Merengue, Salsa, Bomba, Guajira, Reggaeton and Latin Rock.


MUSICALLE ★ the Latin-american sound from and for the streets ★

Dear Tropicalistas, today let´s do some exercises in the Latin American diaspora an idea coming from my friends of MUSICALLE CHOLO ORCHESTRA one of the Tropical Diaspora Records cuts. Also the word “cholo” in Spanish language go by following definition in the dictionaries: “A Latin American man with American Indian blood; a mestizo.” or “A lower-class Mexican, especially in an urban area.” and the origin of this word could be pointed in the mid 19th century: American Spanish, from Cholollán (now Cholula), in Mexico.

The Great Band Musicalle based in Berlin understand the very meaning of diaspora and to be a cholo! yes Musicalle is compromised to break this old unfounded racial scheme over hundreds of years of colonialism, conquests and ignorance with his music Musicalle desire to show all the people that the most important thing we have as children of the diaspora is the awareness TO BE A CHOLO!

OUT Now the new official video with a strong message direction brotherhood and social cohesion, Escúchame! or Listen to me! is the song and the message is simple “..here we are all equal worth , thousand beliefs and thousand races all in peace!“.


After Party all Night Long strictly vinyl with Djs

★ Tropical Diaspora Records with Garrincha & Sócrates ★
Dj GARrinchA along with Dr.Sócrates, describes their party musical ethos as “The platform for live music and performance dedicated to the fusion of different styles, a culture way that is especially cultivated in Brazil since the days of Tropicalia.” They are right: The melting pot of samba, cumbia, dancehall, afro beat, funk, Brazilian and latin sounds, Soul and everything connected to the afro diaspora matter in the music results in a bump ‘n’ grind groove that the people in the dance floor can’t get enough of. Fresh from gigs in Brazil, USA and Europe, they are kicking off a series of parties in Berlin, featuring many Bands and DJ´s from Europe and worldwide.

★ Garrincha (Sampa) ★


★ Dr.Sócrates (Vigo) ★


Second Floor

★ Don Rispetto (Napoli) ★

As a Radiomoderator he started 1993 with Kiss FM. In the middle of  90ties, he switched to radiomultikulti, where he moderated a special Saturday radio show “Radio Kanaka International”. This show was primarily intended as a forum for new talents, but also for established artists, to give them the opportunity to present themselves in their own way (“Radio for da people”). The whole spectrum of multicultural off-in culture gathered at his studio. The news from the international music and art scene were then brought with the “Berlingo” among the people. And as a Master of Ceremony it was and still is my job to design programs, organize events and jams of course, to bring it all over with a relaxed flavor.


Official Flyer & Poster

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